Service EXCELLENCE that stands tall


We are 20+ members strong and growing, but our core Leadership team remains
permanent and consists of industry experts with a deep passion in what they do.

Founder and Creative Head. 17+ years in the industry. Arnab had been creative director for many leading corporations such as Microsoft, IBM, Merck, P&G etc., before founding ThotBox.

Chris D
Head of User Experience. 12 years in the industry serving several very large corporations like Facebook, Craft Food, Royal Bank of Canada and a mentor for several Startups.

Jay S
Head of Technology with over 16 years of experience in serving industry leaders like American Express, Pfizer, New York Stock Exchange etc., before joining ThotBox.

Ian C
Ian is a marketing genius. He is also great with clients and is acting as our VP Business Development for North America. Ian also is a great networker.

Bruce D
A Creative advisor who excels at strategic planning & development, logistics, marketing and trend recognition.

Rohan S
Rohan is an Mobile Application (iOS & Android) expert with vast knowledge and experience in designing and developing 60+ Mobile Applications.

Rajat B
Rajat had been leading the Web application developments for large corporations for the past 12 years before joining ThotBox. Under his leadership, we had successfully designed and developed 200+ Websites and Web applications.

Billy P
EVP, ​Business development and communications​.​ ​ ​​Experience leading the development and implementation of innovative solutions and robust integrations with​ small, medium and​ large enterprises​.​
​ ​Serves as a strategist and business development consultant in the private sector for a multinational health services company​.​